Building quality wood burning sauna stoves,
room heaters, and furnaces
since 1930.


Nippa Knows Heat

NIPPA® Sauna Stoves and Heaters have been manufactured in a range of wood, gas, and electric sauna stoves, as well as wood furnaces and wood fired room heaters since 1930, and we continue to provide exhilaration, relaxation, and just plain enjoyment to the much-to-hurried lifestyle of today.

The Sauna

More formally known as the Finnish Steam Bath – the sauna has been so universally acclaimed that it hardly needs introduction. Dating back to antiquity, and having been brought to this country by pioneer Finns, its value for exhilaration, relaxation, and just plain enjoyment has been so widely recognized in tense, modern living that it has been adopted by people in every walk of life.

Why Nippa

We’ve Been Here Longer Than

  • Wonder Bread. (1930)
  • Toll House Cookies. (1930)
  • The Star-Spangled Banner. (1931)
  • Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. (1934)
  • The game Monopoly. (1935)
  • The Golden Gate Bridge. (1937)
  • Cherrios. (1941)
  • The first portable transistor radios. (1954)
  • Transatlantic cable telephone service began. (1956)
  • The Mackinac Bridge. (1957)
  • Cell Phones. (1974)

Our Craftsmanship

Our background and long experience in manufacturing assures the perfection in design, construction, and efficiency that have made NIPPA Sauna Heaters and Wood Stoves the most accepted units in the country. Our designs have remained virtually unchanged, ensuring you get the quality product you’d expect from NIPPA.

Locally Owned Widely Available

Located in Beulah, Michigan, our business has been a Michigan native since its inception with no plans of growing outside our humble home. Staying local ensures we can provide top quality in all the products we sell. That doesn’t mean we only cater to Michigan, our products are available to ship both nation wide and to Canada.

  • “I have been using it since September and it works great. With temps around 30-40 degrees it heats the 7’x8′ sauna to 180 degrees in about an hour. Only one load of wood is required to keep it there for about 90 minutes.”

    – Terry

  • “About three years ago we purchased a lake house in the Adirondacks in NY. The previous owners were friends of the family for over 60 years, and both families have and still do make extensive use of the sauna which is in a small building next to the main house. We don’t know exactly how long the sauna has been there, but no one can remember when it wasn’t there. The stove is still working like a champ and we enjoy it immensely. Thanks for making a product that does withstand the passage of time.”

    – Mark & Karen

  • “In 1985 (29 years ago) I bought a Nippa sauna stove to heat our log cabin sauna. It has served faithfully all of these years. The sauna is large: 8ft x 10ft, and an 8ft+ ceiling. That little stove cranked out the heat over the years. I have to say this stove is a bomber stove, durable as hell, and simple to use.”

    – Charlie, Alaska

  • “The wood burning Nippa we have has been flawless and we are very happy. The Sauna we built is 10ft wide by 14ft long. In the three years we have been using the stove it has been fired up over 400 times. The stove is very quick to heat the sauna area up to 160°. The highest temp recorded in our sauna was 202°! Thank you Nippa for a great product! As a note I have been in many saunas in my 64 years and by far Nippa is the best unit I’ve seen or used.”

    – Tom, Massachusetts


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