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NIPPA® Sauna Stoves and Heaters have been manufactured in a range of wood, gas, and electric sauna stoves,
as well as wood furnaces and wood fired room heaters since 1930, and we continue to provide exhilaration, relaxation, and just plain enjoyment to the much-to-hurried lifestyle of today.

To better understand the extent of our history...
NIPPA® Sauna Stoves has been in business longer than:

  • Wonder Bread (1930)
  • Toll House Cookies created by Ruth Wakefield (1930)
  • The United States officially adopted 'The Star-Spangled Banner' as its national anthem. (March 3, 1931)
  • Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. (1934)
  • Fluorescent lighting was first used. (1935)
  • Kodak introduced color photography. (1935)
  • The game Monopoly. (1935)
  • The photocopier. (1937)
  • The Golden Gate Bridge. (1937)
  • Nylon - a new word made from the abbreviations for New York and London. (1937)
  • The NestlĂ© company developed instant coffee. (1938)
  • Cherrios. (1941)
  • The ABC Network. (1943)
  • The first digital computer. (1946)
  • McDonald’s first drive-thru restaurant. (1948)
  • TV Dinners. (1950)
  • Roll on Deoderant. (1952)
  • CBS begins the first color television broadcasts in the United States. (1953)
  • The first portable transistor radios.(1954)
  • Burger King. (1954)
  • The first Disney theme park opened in California. (1955)
  • Transatlantic cable telephone service began. (1956)
  • The Mackinac Bridge. (1957)
  • Cassette tapes. (1965)
  • Pocket calculators. (1972)
  • Cell Phones. (1974)
  • Microsoft, along with the first video recorders, personal computers and floppy disks. (1975)
  • The Walkman portable cassette player. (1979)
  • The first compact disc (CD) player. (1982)
  • Diet Coke. (1982)
  • The NIPPA® brochure...

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    used during the past 77 years.
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    NIPPA® Sauna Stoves, Room Heaters and Furnaces
    Notice: Local building or fire officials should be consulted concerning restrictions
    and installations and inspection requirements.

    The Sauna - more formally known as the Finnish Steam Bath - has been so universally acclaimed that it hardly needs introduction. Dating back to antiquity, and having been brought to this country by pioneer Finns, its value for exhilaration, relaxation, and just plain enjoyment has been so widely recognized in tense, modern living that it has been adopted by people in every walk of life.

    Pioneering in the mass production of the heater, the basic unit for saunas, was Leo NIPPA®. From his first stove built in the Upper Pennensula of Michigan, utilizing his inherit knowledge of the sauna tradition from his forebears of centuries ago, he has now passed on this profound tradition to hundreds of people in every state in the Union, as well as the countries of Canada and Mexico. From the frozen reaches of Alaska to the sunny states of Florida and California, NIPPA Sauna Heaters and Wood Stoves are known for adding to the joy of living. This background and long experience in manufacturing assures the perfection in design, construction, and efficiency that have made NIPPA Sauna Heaters and Wood Stoves the most accepted units in the country. Of high importance in this acceptance is the fact that NIPPA Sauna Heaters and Wood Stoves retain original features that make the sauna a romantic institution. Even the electric model that responds to the turn of a switch transports your thoughts away from the push button world!

    The Finnish Sauna *
    Facts and Fancy


    One need not "parboil himself to a beet-red color!" Temperature gradients are up to you.

    Bathers do not beat each other with "sticks!" Some like flat cedar, leafy birch or oak boughs, made up like whisk brooms with which to gently switch their legs and bodies.

    "You must roll in snow." Part of the fun but only if you like it!


    "Sudden temperature changes from the sauna to a dip in the lake-are harmful." Unproved in centuries! Moderation of couse, according to one's own physical state.

    "You shouldn't stay in too long." How much time can you spare? Many like to go in-and-out for hours.

    "You can't take 'em too often." Well, if you don't like them daily, space them out!


    Peaches and cream complexion? One sure thing, there's no dirt left in a pore in your skin!

    Saunas relax both mental and physical tensions. Right! For the most enjoyable evening at home, or for the happiest sleep of your life, have a sauna!
    * So universal that it's in the dictionary!
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    Hours are M-F 9 AM to 4 PM

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    NIPPA® Products are made in the USA (mostly):

    Wood Heaters / Gas Heaters
    Wood Stoves / Wood Furnaces
    Made in Michigan!

    Grates & Doors
    Made in the USA!

    Electric Heaters
    Sauna Accessories

    Made in Finland!

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